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One of the top concerns homeowners have when hiring a roofing contractor is property protection. “What will you do to protect my property, landscaping, etc.?”

LVC removes roofing debris with precision using a state-of-the-art piece of equipment called the Roofers Buggy. This means no disrupting your homes curb appeal.

Our experience is that the Roofer's Buggy will get into about 95% of homes. We even have a solution if you have some wet spots in the back yard. 

Metal roof replacement in Halifax PA Metal roof replacement in Elizabethville PA Metal roof replacement in Elizabethville PA

30' x 64' Rancher with Double Bubble, Snow Gaurds, and Ridgevent

$7,600 - $8,200

24' x 40' Rancher with Snow Gaurds and Ridgevent

$2,400 - $2,600

24' x 30'  2-story House with a 14' x 20' Reverse and 30' x 24' Garage

$9,800 - $10,200


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