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Before You Sign The Contract

10 Quick and Helpful things to check.


1. Insurance

The Importance of Insurance for your Contractor.

Make sure the roofing company you choose has liability insurance and carries a workman’s compensation policy.  These insurance polices are expensive to a company but are required for any firm doing legitimate business. Some less reputable companies will try and fly under the radar and not carry these policies. The risk to the home owner can be great. If anyone working on your roof should fall or get injured, and the company does not carry this insurance, you could be responsible for the medical bills and loss of income for the injured worker. If anyone should damage your neighbor’s property, again if the company does not carry insurance, you could be liable. LVC keeps up to date with a 1 million dollar policy that holds all customers and homeowners harmless. Ask to see a copy of our current policy as you choose a roofer. 

2. Contractor's License

Any legitimate Pennsylvania roofer is required to have a Pennsylvania Contractors License. After excessive complaints from home owners about unreliable roofers and in some cases actually are ripped off, Pennsylvania passed legislation that required honest contractors to register with the state to ensure they were in fact reputable and fit to do business in the state. Our PA License Number is PA73388.

3. Clean Up & Recycle

Do they include complete clean up and disposal in their contract? Unfortunately, at the end of a lot of exciting project for homeowners, they are left with a terrible mess on their hands without the ability to take care of it themselves, resulting in higher prices than anticipated with disposal cost. We will spell this out on our contract and leave you with nothing to do except enjoy your latest addition to your home. 

4. References

Did the contractor show you references? What did the references say and did they offer to show you jobs they previously completed? There is no better way to judge a contractor than by talking to their previous customers. We will give you 3 references with phone numbers on our contract and we can also schedule a site visit if you wish.

5. Respect for Landscape and Property

Will they respect the landscapes and personal property you spent hours maintaining? Our goal is to leave your property looking better for having called LVC. Our professional craftsmen will make this project come to life without any stress for you.

6. Warranty

Many people will do a home improvement project only to discover a year later that contractor negligence means more cost and upkeep for them. We offer a 5 year craftsman warranty to assure you the price on our contract is the last cost you need to invest.

7. Apples to Apples

When comparing contracts, always be sure to check for product specifications. Some contractors will substitute cheaper materials to make the job seem less expensive only to be falling apart in 10 years. Good materials will go a long way in building your home equity for years to come.

8. Experience

Do they have the proper experience to complete the project? Jr. at LVC has over 15 years experience in the construction industry and employees skilled craftsmen who pay attention to quality and detail.

9. Equipment

Do they have the proper equipment to complete your project in a timely manner? We will use all the equipment and manpower necessary to complete this project ASAP which means less disturbance for you.

10. Local Climate Accommodations

LVC does Roofs Specifically in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Shingles for hot and cold climate. Unlike other areas, LVC only buys shingles from local plants. By making sure we use the local plants, our customers are guaranteed they are getting the best shingle for the Delaware and Pennsylvania area that can withstand heat in the height of the summer and stand up to the harshest of weather.

Ice and Water shields are vital for Pennsylvania and Delaware for the potential of ice build along the eaves, normally caused by inadequate ventilation or not enough insulation. These ice dams are built up by snow melting on the roof right over the warm spot of the attic. It then re-freezes and it will actually expand underneath your shingles and can rip them away from your roof. We use a water proof membrane that remains water proof even if penetrated by a nail.